When choosing AQuickdelivery, you tap into state-of-the-art solutions to your toughest transportation challenges.

Our team of software developers are some of the industry’s best innovative collaborators. And our comprehensive end product solutions are filled with engineering expertise, hands-on research and development, and business intelligence experience leaving you with the peace of mind that your company is partnering with a cutting edge logistics provider.

You will find our fully integrated suite of technology tools combines client information, real-time data processing and tracking software to inform and enhance delivery execution and customer experiences across the delivery spectrum.


Here’s a quick overview:

  • Client information portals
  • Customized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions
  • Electronic barcode scanning
  • Geo validation via GPS location capture
  • Digital signature capture & proof of delivery
  • Delivery exception coding
  • Real-time driver route updates
  • Business data protection via redundancy
  • Disaster recovery including 24-hour emergency facility power backup system
  • Fully integrated warehouse security system

This flexible platform delivers unmatched levels of transparency, intelligence and predictability to our customers.

Combining real-time tracking tools with high-level trend data and more, we consistently deliver actionable insights that allows us to adapt quickly to changing needs and optimize our delivery solutions.

 As your trusted partner, we can handle your logistics and transportation details for you and provide ongoing management and optimization, so you can focus on your core business.