AQuickDelivery can provide services to replace your previously managed in-house operations. We will assume responsibility for the vehicles and manage the drivers for you, including loading, unloading, sorting and dispatching. We can provide anything from passenger cars to trucks to a wide variety of other vehicles.

Our on-call fleet of drivers is always available as backup to your dedicated fleet as needed. By using our on-call fleet you can lower your operating costs by maintaining a smaller dedicated fleet without reducing capabilities. Some benefits of outsourcing your transportation to AQuickDelivery include:

  • Routing and dispatch technology.
  • Reduced liability.
  • Adjust fleet size to accommodate fluctuations in business without long-term investments in equipment.
  • Experienced, professional staff and drivers.

Fleet Management Solutions

We realize that time is money, and there’s none to waste in order for your business to remain successful. AQuickDelivery’ Dedicated Fleet services offer a solution that allows you to concentrate on your business and leave your courier, delivery, and distribution needs to experienced professionals.

AQuickDelivery’ can customize a program for your specific needs whether it’s a single driver or an entire fleet of vehicles. We can provide you with an efficient, cost-effective solution. Our transportation management team can handle all your vehicle needs regardless of size or quantity.

Anything. Anywhere. Anytime – FAST! The real fleet advantage is our ability to add or subtract from fleet size using our on-demand drivers to accommodate for fluctuations in your business. Our professionally trained drivers are always ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also offer professional customer support and state of the art communications and information management technology. – our new online order entry, tracking and reporting tool – is available at AQuickDelivery to give you anytime, anywhere access to all of your needs.

Advantages of Outsourcing

  • A single-source solution for your time critical delivery needs.
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced liability associated with managing private fleets.

When you choose a custom program featuring professionally trained drivers in AQuickDelivery vehicles, you will receive the most professional representation possible. You can be sure that we will handle your delivery services with the utmost professionalism every step of the way.

Anything. Anywhere. Anytime… FAST!

No matter the what, the where or the when, we have a same-day solution. AQuickDelivery’ Fleet services provide a broad range of time-critical delivery solutions throughout the local area, between cities and even between countries. Deliveries are made on an as needed basis, or they can be structured with regularly scheduled pick-ups and distribution. When your needs call for a national or even international network of services, we can partner with our associates to provide deliveries anywhere across the continent.

Flexibility is the Key

We will assume responsibility for managing your fleet of vehicles and drivers currently dedicated to your company, as well as the associated sorting and dispatching services. This will enable you to gain numerous benefits by outsourcing this function. We offer any combination of vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to trucks. The real AQuickDelivery benefit to you is our ability to control our On-Demand Delivery services to manage expansions and contractions in your shipping needs. Utilizing our staff of trained drivers available anytime, anywhere, we simply become an extension of your business.

Cost Reductions

You can realize immediate cost reductions by outsourcing your fleet management to us. We will evaluate your shipping needs and determine the most cost-effective program to fit your particular needs. After an initial evaluation and consultation, we assume driver management responsibility, releasing you from liabilities associated with a private fleet, including:

  • Workers compensation, accidents & injuries
  • Expenses associated with large inventories
  • Recruiting and training costs
  • Reduced equipment and related costs
  • Driver wages and benefits
  • Insurance and fuel costs

For further information, E-mail us today at or call us at 877.219.7737 to speak with a AQuickDelivery’ Sales Executive regarding your Dedicated Fleet needs.